A Time Consuming Art: The Average Times Involved in Making 3D Resin Paintings

3D Resin Art Paintings

3D Resin Art may look beautiful, but it is also one of the most painstaking and time-consuming art forms that you can create. Each layer of resin and paint must be poured, designed and painted, and allowed to dry fully before the next layer can be added. This will be repeated between 3 and 25 times: the number of layers will vary based on the size of the piece.

We are often asked how long our stunning 3D resin art pieces take to create. This will greatly depend on the size of the piece and the complexity of the artwork that has been painted inside the resin. For the smallest and most simple piece the process could take 24 hours. For large and complicated pieces, the artwork could take as much as several weeks to create.

Want to know more? Here is a full breakdown of the timescales involved in making 3D Resin Paintings:

Variable Timescales

When creating a 3D resin painting, each layer of resin can be no more than 3mm thick. With layers of 3cm thick, you should wait at least 10 hours for the resin to reach a jelly-like consistency before you can pour on your next layer of resin. This does not include the time that it will take our highly qualified and talented artisans to paint, and create the beautiful art pieces that sit at the heart of each piece of resin art: it is this painting that makes the whole piece come to life. It will take our artists at least an hour or two to paint each layer, which will further add to the times outlined above.

For each 3mm thick piece of artwork to dry fully, we allow a 24 hour cure time. This time increases incrementally the thicker the layers are: That means that for a large piece of artwork with several layers it would take up to 10 weeks for the piece to cure completely. That’s ten weeks of our artisans painstakingly painting layer upon layer of fine and intricate paint over each other to create the illusion of a hyper-real 3D image encapsulated inside crystal clear resin. The end result is truly breathtaking, and has to be seen to be believed.

Patience is a Virtue

Creating 3D resin art is certainly not a project for the impatient! Whilst our artists often have several projects in motion at any given time, they still spend much of their day drying resin, preventing bubbles from forming in their art pieces, and literally watching paint dry. It’s not a job for the easily bored!

A five layered piece, with a 24 hour cure time between each layer would take 5 days to dry fully. This does not take into account the hours that it would take our artists to paint their carefully planned designs onto each of those five layers. For one of our larger twelve-layer pieces, each 24 hour cure time leads to an incredible 12 days simply of waiting for the resin to dry, as well as painstakingly organizing the positioning of each layer of paint to ensure that the 3D image houses within the resin looks truly flawless.

It might be truly time consuming, but it’s certainly worth it. You’ll be amazed by the incredible realism, and delicate brushstrokes of each of our 3D pieces, which are incredible pieces of artwork that you can treasure for a lifetime.