Decorating With 3D Resin Art

Fish 3D Resin Art

3d resin art is both beautiful and bold but simultaneously subtle and delicate. When you choose to bring a piece of 3D resin art into your home you are choosing to invest in an incredible piece of artwork that you will keep and treasure for the rest of your life. It’s a big commitment! But where should you put it? And how should you display it? Here’s everything you need to know about decorating with 3D resin art:

Create a Coffee Table Mini Gallery

Your walls aren’t the only place you can show off your fine art collection! Why not turn your coffee table into a mini sculpture gallery in the middle of your living room? It’s the perfect place to display fine art, such as your favourite pieces of 3D resin art, and will act as a wonderful conversation piece when you have friends over too. Create balance and inject unexpected angles into your coffee table mini gallery by combining round pieces of resin art, such as our koi bowls resin art, with square or rectangular coffee table books and taller scupltural pieces such as jugs or vases.

Enhance Your Fireplace

For many people their fireplace is the focal point of their living room. Fire places are both welcoming and dramatic, but many people struggle to find the right ornamental detailing to really make their fireplaces pop. Enter ornamental 3D resin art! It’s perfect for injecting colour and interest into your fireplace, and will ensure all eyes are always on it. You should even choose a wooden dragon or koi resin bowl that perfectly coordinates with the colour of your wooden fireplace, ensuring that the pieces blend together and complement each other perfectly.

Wall Mounted and Wonderful

Do you prefer to display your art in a traditional form, or do you already have an existing collection of fine art in a gallery room or along a gallery wall? If so, you may prefer to wall mount your 3D resin art to ensure it fits in perfectly with your existing collection, whilst still standing out from the crowd. Our 3D resin art sculptures are solid, meaning that, with the right brackets, they can safely be secured to any wall. Their 3D nature means that whilst they will fit in with your existing pieces, their natural beauty and delicate detailing will really pop.

Depth, Height and Dimension

If you own, or hope to own, several pieces of 3D resin art then displaying them may feel even more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Invest in stands, boxes or plinths of different heights, shapes and sizes. These can either be stood in a fireplace, on a console table, or constructed to make a piece of furniture in their own right. You can then stand a different piece of 3D art onto each box, making them a focal point, and enabling you to walk around each one and really appreciate all of its details and the delicate brushstrokes and craftsmanship of each piece. This sounds grand but it doesn’t have to be: you can create this kind of sculpture display space in a home of any size, and you can fit it around your existing furniture too. Our dragon 3D resin art will be your good choice.