How is 3D Resin Art Made?

3D Resin Painting

3D resin art is undeniably beautiful, eye-catching, and makes the ideal decoration for your living space. With layers of painted resin being built up on top of each other to create depth and optical illusion, 3D resin art is effectively making the image hyper-real. But what you may not know is that it is also a time-consuming craft. Each piece of 3D resin art will take qualified artisans many hours to create.

To help you better understand the creative process, here is a simple step-by-step guide to how 3D resin art is made:

The Materials

Regardless of the image created in the finished piece, the materials are the same. They are: high quality resin, a heat gun to set the resin and pop undesired bubbles, a container to hold the resin, high quality acrylic  paint, paint brushes in a variety of sizes. If you have these materials and the qualities of patience and painting skill, then you will literally have everything you need to create 3D resin art.

The Process

There are two main steps involved in creating a piece of 3D resin painting: pouring and painting. This two-steps process for each layer of the artwork is repeated over and over again, but creating it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Each layer must be cured and fully dried before it can be painted. Our artisans will also have to ensure that each layer of resin is free from bubbles and from any dust or fine grains of dirt, which might spoil the finished clarity of the piece.

What’s more, painting onto resin is a lot different to painting onto canvas. As resin is incredibly smooth, paint doesn’t cling to it so easy as it would to canvas or even paper. This means that the painting process is very slow, and the steady hand of a skilled artist is a must. If you want the paint to be opaque rather than transparent, you will have to add several layers of paint over the same spot. Each layer of resin and paint must be poured and allowed to dry fully before the next layer can be added is another heavy time-consuming process.

Furthermore, each layer needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried before the next layer of resin can be poured. Any mistakes or imperfections will necessitate the layer be sanded down and re-poured.

To create a hyper-real 3D painting, each and every layer of resin and paint is an integral part of the 3D painting and has to be flawless. You can imagine how sophisticated the design and layout of each layer will be. The finished product may be fascinating and wonderful but the process is painstaking and time-consuming.

The Finishing Touches

Finally, you may be wondering how our 3D resin art creations are finished. Before they are completed and sent home with our customers, each piece is cured with one more layer to protect any exposed paint. A little sanding may be required to keep the clarity of resin layer.

It’s also important to note that because of the many layers of resin they contain, our 3D resin art pieces can be very heavy when they are finished: we ensure that they are carefully wrapped to maximize protection, and advise our customers to place them somewhere sturdy and safe when they get them home. We have some Fish 3D Resin Art Paintings & Dragon 3D Resin Art Paintings you can take a look at.