Why 3D Resin Painting Fish is So Effective

Koi Fish 3D Resin Art Painting

3D resin painting is a delicate and intricate art form: it takes many hundreds of hours for highly qualified artisans to create these beautiful, sculptural pieces. As well as being incredibly lifelike, you may have also noticed that many 3D resin paintings depict fish, especially koi, and other aquatic creatures. Have you ever wondered why? Here’s the answer you’re looking for:

A Wonderful Way to Replicate Water

The first and most obvious reason why fish are so often depicted in 3D resin is because the resin itself looks just like water. It can either be fully transparent, or shaded and nuanced, depending on the vision of the artist. Creating the illusion that a fish, or other aquatic creature, is suspended within this water-like resin is a wonderful, albeit fairly literal, translation of the way the resin looks. It also allows the resin to take centre stage within the artwork, becoming a part of the piece, rather than just the background of the image that is suspended within it.

Watching Fish is Relaxing

The second reason why 3D resin painted fish are so effective, and so popular, is because people love fish! A 3D resin printed fish bowl is like an aquarium in miniature, and studies have found that aquarium-watching has many benefits for both your physical and mental health. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of relaxation, enabling you to unwind after a stressful day in the outside world, and can even have the physical benefits of decreasing your heart rate and muscle tension.

A 3D resin painted fish bowl will allow you to experience all of these health benefits without any of the hassle of caring for real fish. Resin fish don’t need feeding, you don’t have to change their water (in fact, it’s discouraged), and they don’t care if you leave them alone to go on holiday for a fortnight!

Koi Bring Good Luck

In many cultures, including both Chinese and Thai cultures, Koi are considered to be a symbol of good fortune. Because Koi are able to swim upstream, they are also a symbol of strength and courage, and are integral to creating a balanced home following traditional Feng Shui principles. Decorating the home with depictions of koi carp is therefore a great way to bless the home with fortune and prosperity.

If you’re decorating an office space, or even a home office, then a 3D resin printed koi is a great option. What better visual representation of the success and triumph that you home to achieve in business than with your very own lucky koi?

Fish are Beautiful

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, fish are beautiful creatures and they look beautiful when painted realistically. It takes a very talented artist to create a realistic depiction of a fish using just paint and resin. Our artists capture each scale, either subtle change of colour, in glorious 3D. The pieces they create are truly stunning to look at, and will make a beautiful focal point for any art collection or home display.