Our artwork

When you first look at these beautiful creations you think that you are looking at a 3-dimensional model of a koi fish, a dragon or a shrimp. You really believe that the artist has sculpted these brightly coloured creatures out of some solid substance.

But what you are actually experiencing is a remarkable optical illusion. For these are not 3-dimensional models at all, but rather a number of 2-dimensional paintings placed strategically over one another and encased in a clear resin so as to trick your brain into thinking that you are seeing a solid object.

There beautiful 3D resin paintings are done by skilled painters. Our artists have first painstakingly designed these creations and then carefully painted them layer by layer, refining the details by hand. The process can take days for the smallest painting, because the resin surrounding it takes some time to dry. The larger paintings can take many weeks and lots of patience to create.

These eye-catching and brightly coloured artworks have one considerable advantage over conventional sculpture, and that is that the objects depicted - whether they be koi fish, dragons, or plants - do not have to touch one another. That is because the resin encasing them is invisible. For this reason a very lively artwork can be created, with many separate objects appearing to interact with one another either from close or from afar. Very dramatic scenes can therefore be created.

What types of painting do you produce?

We specialise in traditional oriental designs such as koi fish, dragons and shrimp, although in principle anything might be depicted in resin. We find that resin lends itself especially well to aquatic scenes, as the surface of the clear resin has a water-like quality to it. You really do feel like the objects underneath it are swimming around. We can work with you to design something unique to your requirements.

How to care for your artwork

As with any work of art you should treat it with care and respect. After all, it was lovingly created with a view to being a permanent object that gives joy over many decades. You should also consider it an investment, as it may one day be a valuable collectors' item.

You should avoid touching the surface with sharp objects which might gouge the surface of the resin, which means keeping it away from the reach of children or pets.

Naturally you will want to give your beautiful painting a prominent display inside your house so that your guests can see it and so that you may enjoy it yourself. The temperature should be between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. Do not place it outdoors as that will expose it to the elements.

Although you do not need to clean your artwork regularly, you should dust it with a soft cotton cloth to display it at its very best.